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How It Works


Call Us Or Mail Back
The Signed Purchase Agreement

The first thing we will normally ask anyone interested in selling their land to us is to identify the Reference Number in the offer letter we sent you.


Due Diligence

Once you’ve indicated a desire to sell your land, our staff will begin a thorough investigation of the property. Amongst other things, we will identify the property’s exact location, pull the vesting deed from the county Recorder’s office, check on the back taxes with the Treasurer’s office and sometimes pull plat maps from the county GIS office. We also learn about the current status of the title. Once we have determined all these things we will contact you ASAP.


Drafting The New Deed

On the properties we agree to purchase, we start by draft the paperwork required to convey title from you, the seller, to us, the buyer. We will then send these to you for review. Once you have agreed that all names, addresses other information is correct, we will contact a notary in your local area and hire them to close the transaction, at our cost.


The “Notary Close”

Once the notary receives the paperwork from us, they will reach out to you to set up a time and place to meet, which works with your schedule. They will have a packet containing the new deed and any paperwork that requires your signature. Along with this, they will receive a cashier’s check made out in your name for the cost of the land. Other payment arrangements can be made for your convenience.

At the signing, the notary will give you copies of the original document and mail the originals back to us.


Upon receipt of the signed deed, we will forward all the documentation, along with a check for the recording fee on to the county in which the property is located.

You’ve received your payment, and we’ve purchased the land.

It's that easy!

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