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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the property have utilities?

We sell raw parcels because on remote land, it is much cheaper for you to set up your own utilities rather than buy a parcel with them already on it. Most of our customers set up power by solar and/or wind power and then water by water cistern, water catchment, water haul, or by well. You’re able to buy a property at an affordable price and then set up utilities the way you want as you develop your off-grid, independent set up. 

Can I build on the land?

The county requires your name to be on the deed before you can pull permits to build on the land. 

Is there a time limit to build?

One of the most common questions that we get is whether or not there is a time limit to build. This is more important in high growth areas, but the question should still be asked. In most rural areas, there is no time limit to build. You can simply hold onto the land forever and never lay a brick down.

However, if you proactively pull a permit to build a home or other structure on the property, then a time limit is typically imposed. This is because planning guidelines may change from the time a permit was issued. In most areas, once a permit is issued, you have one year to build. Again, this is only if you applied for and was issued a permit.

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